Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Second Life 3 Once Again

So, Angara is still gloomy and dark place. The sky is still drowned in the darkness during the day, only in the night it shines with the billion stars. The dark recesses and the secret staircases attracts to the insight. Something is moving in the dark, the strange noises are reaching our ears. Is something approaching or moving away? Angara is not resided only the avatars, but sometimes also other creatures are appearing. Lived corpses – zombies.

Me and Stars

The Stars

Zombie 1

Zombie 2

Lost in the Darkness

Zombie Attack


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Life 3

Ce qui embellit le désert, dit le petit prince, c'est qu'il cache un puits quelque part…

(“What makes the desert beautiful,“ said the little prince, "is that somewhere it hides a well...“)

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Yes, the desert is a strange place. These are the never-ending places of the sand dunes and also of moving sand, which gives downfall. This is the place, where the torrid sun troubles the tired wanderers. This is the place, where the sky is full of the stars so closed to anyone like never. Sometimes the wail wind runs around and the sand tempest comes. What is constant, these are only “ships of the desert” – the camels and the fata morgana. This is an optical phenomenon, which owes its own name to mythic Morgana La Fey. It is hopeless to search the lost cities in the sand. Maybe only the silent oasis can wet the dry lips and strengthen the body before the further wandering.
Is it a fiction or a reality? It is a question. Maybe such desert exists in RL and maybe not. Angara Desert is another desert at Angara. Some ghost city was built there as an apocalyptic vision of the total loss and of the vainness inspired by the The Resident Evil phenomenon. It is both the Role Play Area and the shopping area. It is:

Being and Order

Downfall and Chaos

Army and Transport

The Crash and the End

Elsewhere Far Out of Us

The Death in the Sand

The Tower Break Down

The Explosion

The Contact with the Outer World

The Three Sisters

Time to Fight

The Tunnel

The Lights in the Darkness

The Quiet Oasis

The Way of the Being

The Inside

The View to the Eternity

The Destroyed Life

The Last or the Lost Train?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Second Life 2

Everybody is born and Second Life is not an exception of that. Although the avatar is not born naked, unlike the real world, anyway he/she would like to belong somewhere. To be a part of something, to be a member of some community, to find friends, anyway to belong somewhere. Same or similar history befell also me after my materializing in the world of Second Life. I also groped a lot of, but I learned myself, but as I wrote elsewhere I had absolutely excellent mentor. One could expect that it shouldn’t span long time and I found the community of Czech and Slovak (CS) here, as I am Czech even though from Moravia. However, something was still missing. Some strong point, where I could return and where the main gross of CS avatar is concentrated. There was nothing for long time, no place and no island. However, then it happened something what all awaited. The mists of Avalon disappeared. Word for word. The city called Bohemia rose on part of island behind the AVALON DESIGN shop behind the rock. However, it is necessary to search Bohemia in Second Life under the old name of my country – Czechoslovakia, but only temporarily. This city doesn’t exist anymore. It is only in memory of them that was there or in a form of ones and zeros as pictures in PC. What was there then? Watch the video here.



So, back to Avalon yet. Do you know that Avalon or also Avignon are two names of mythic island of apple trees and Celtic priesthoods? The Celtic word abal means apple. In fact, it is the island, where the human souls come. They say that the mythic island Avalon is rest place of the legendary king Arthur and of his wife and where the sword Excalibur was forged. By the way, the shop AVALON DESIGN is still at the Avalon island a and it is excellent shop with skins. The owner name is known for Czech and Slovak community. It is Vilem Beaumont. He is also the author of SL fantasy adventure „Catacombs of Avalon“. The mists of Avalon covered up Bohemia for some time to appear in new beauty at new place after that. The new island Czechoslovakia with city Bohemia appeared. The Old City and New City expanded on flock of other nice places and buildings as the time goes. A little remained, a little changed or was changed and a little disappeared forever. What remains are the inhabitants of the city, who have taste here to stay and live. On the other hand, also the invisible men those care for city and so on. The following pictures maybe are not the characteristic sample, but look over.

Old City Place

Old City Place

Chapel in the park

New City - Radio Building

New City - O2 Telefónica

Old City - pub

CR Police Station

New City - Infopoint

(Zdroj: Wikipedia)